Benjamin Gattet

Technical Artist / Graphic Programmer

I'm an interdisciplinary artist, developper and designer, focusing on playful interactions and the link between art and technology. I'm mostly working on graphic programming and on programs that have a visual output. I like crafting systems that are interesting to play with, and finding elegant design solutions to game design and game programming problems. I am a generalist and have a large set of skills, that span the whole pipeline of game production, and i'm quick to find ideas or solutions that bring all aspects of game design together.

This website hasn't been update since 2019 :(

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Mirador is a boss run game where bosses are created by other players, made by Sauropod Studio. I helped design and program the boss cosmetic customisation system, puting in place and implementing a workflow for shaders and equipment customisation by the player in a "boss editor".

I created a camera system to help the marketing team to take videos in game, and an animation review tool. I worked on a couple of shaders and effects, like the grass and dithering shaders used in game, and I also had my hand in some gameplay programming.

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Tosuta is a sotfware renderer written during a long week end in pure Javascript trying to emulate PSX look. I chose software javascript to give me an environment that would emulate the low performance of the PSX and force me to find interesting solution and hacks to make everything run a 60 FPS, such at educed vertex precision and interlaced rendering.

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Small Diorama made for the Zium Garden collaboration. I worked everythin : the 3d modelling, rigging and animation, crystal shader and grass shader. Page



Small toy done in webgl for a Jam : animated Sygil generator. Everything uses procedural techniques.

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Silently is a game made in a week to help gather fund to pay back friends stolen computers. Everything explode around you, and you need to fix the broken level by staring at it. Page



The game I made for my master thesis : Exploration of a self reconfiguring space. Dynamic level generation and pathfinding. Page

Experimentation Notebook


Screenshot and recording of experimentations, work in progress, and abandonned projects